Identifying a Proctor

It is the responsibility of the applicant to identify an appropriate proctor and provide the proctor's contact information in the designated section of the application. Keep in mind there may be several applicants taking the exam at a given university/college, but there can only be one proctor at each university/college.

Tpyically, the CASA selection exam is proctored by someone from the Department or Center for Middle/Near Eastern Studies at each school (or the department that offers Arabic). Therefore, it is advisable to first contact someone in this department or center to assist you in designating a proctor for the exam. If you have trouble finding someone at your school, check with nearby schools that have Arabic departments if you are in an area with multiple universities.  If you are in Cairo or Amman, please contact our program partners there who usually offer the exam each year.

Proctors should not be a speaker of Arabic. Many schools designate a staff member to proctor the exam. Please provide your proctor with a copy of the CASA Proctor Guidelines before listing them on your application