Fellows' Experiences

  • A Thanksgiving Day celebration

  • CASA Fellows celebrating a colleague's birthday

  • A Christmas tree in Lweibdeh

  • A snowy day in Amman

  • The Great Hijaz Railroad

  • CASA fellows and instructors during a spring hike in Ajloun

Emily Larsen and Katy Whiting were 2014 - 2015 CASA I fellows in Amman, Jordan. The above photos highlight some of the key moments from their year in Amman including a snowy winter day and a Christmas tree lit up at the heart of Amman. The photos also showcase some of the activities that Katy, Emily, and other CASA fellows participated in, including a Thanksgiving dinner, a birthday celebration, a summer trip to Wadi Rum, a spring hike in Ajloun, and a beach-day trip to the Dead Sea.

Basma Guthrie, a CASA Fellow 2014-2015, and a friend take in the view.